12-01-12 by dave

There was a flurry of snow last night delivering 2” of freshness on the hill.  At 7:00PM last night the rain started pelting the Trailer signaling the arrival of some long awaited precipitation.  Any amount will help cushion the ride and assist in the traction department.  Today the light was flat with overcast skies making the visibility variable.  The main lines that are open are still holding the smooth overall, so you can deal with the subtle variations more easily.   There is more unsettled weather coming up stream and we can count on some additional accumulation in the next few days.  If we get the right configuration of Jet Stream flow we could be getting the Pineapple express.  Years ago, before wide platforms, that thick Spackle type snow was difficult.  Now, with modern equipment, any accumulation is another form of awesome.   With the exception of breakable crust, deep snow is a treasure any way it comes.  Tomorrow, look for continued unsettled weather, with variable visibility and light traffic.  Both sides of the hill are fun, each offering  the variations that make each run a rock fest.  I am still working on my antenna array after the massive wind hammered it.  I have an order in at Radio Shack for an exotic part they don’t carry, but it should be here next week.  In the mean time, keep the visualizations going and we will see you on first Boat.   Here is a Bast From the Deep Past shot of the local scene circa 1980 or so.  We were all so much younger then.  Good times, and the good times keep coming.  Peace Out !


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