11-28-12 by dave


The temps were balmy in the parking lot this morning, but on the peak the wind was ripping.  The first Tram was swinging when it docked and we got out in a full frenzy of wind.   Down on the Chips flats the wind came from behind and you were skiing as fast as the wind, so the air was still as you blazed across the flats.  Ye-ow what  a ride!!!   The Sun was out most of the day, but high clouds moved in late in the afternoon.  The smooth is holding strong for the most part, and there is plenty of traction, though slick spot still exist here and there.  Tomorrow, look for another fun morning of fast moving fun.   The grooming crew is doing  a nice job keeping things covered and smooth, so ripping the corduroy on those early runs is a bonus.  The warm temps might dial back the snow making but there is plenty to make use of until it gets cold again.     On another note  Snowbird Secrets is now in hard copy and will be available at the Snowbird shops.  It was a long time coming but it is here now.  Here is a shot of the snow blowing off the peak, with the Sun back lighting it.  Get there early and get the extra boost on the day.   IBBY!!

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