2-06-17 by dave

With a few inches of overnight medium density product, and  some big wind from the South, made many of the upper mountain lines beautifully wind buffed.  I spied a fat line off the peak that  offered steep, buttery, smoothness that made every turn a sensation.  I made sure to extract as much juice from every turn just so could log it into the Akashic Record.  The underlying static was still in play over most of the off trail areas, but those wind buffed lines were really worth following.  Snow was falling briskly, and the wind kept the snow moving, providing some real treasures if you just looked for the non obvious.  Great Groomers were offering smooth buffage as well,  making those steep lower mountain lines a real treat.  Having that extra cushion over the mat really helped the stoke level, and I was able to work on my time dilation exercises.    Here is a shot of my good friend Jack, who exemplifies the best full charge spirit of anyone I know.  When he goes blowing by me on those early morning Lewis and Clark tours, I dial it up a touch to keep up, watch, and learn.  Never stop ripping Jack.  Tomorrow, look for some accumulation during the night.  I will be looking for those smooth lines that I was hitting today to keep the static to a minimum.  It will be a another full on storm riding day, so dress for weather and cold.  The High North has benefited the most from this South Wind, so you can expect smooth big mountain goodness if you look there.  Some of the low guts on the West and East are also filling, so there are many options and permutations to explore.  You have to love this season as it just keeps coming.   IBBY!!!

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