2-05-17 by dave

The forecast was for overcast skies with snow possible, but the morning dawned clear and cold, with a fair breeze that made me glad I dressed for the occasion.  Mineral Basin was offering some big Winch Cat drops that were dry and chalky, despite the due South aspect.  I did that full lap back there, getting as much of that dust covered corduroy as I could.  On the front of the hill, the Peruvian Gulch was offering wind augmented Groomers that felt like soft flannel top to bottom.  Lower Primrose Path was just killer, making that Super Pipe piece of terrain exquisite and worthy of attention until it was time for breakfast.  The traffic was light, with walk on Trams making the back to back pace easy to keep, which was a treat with the level of traffic that was streaming up the Canyon.  Those High North aspects were still looking good after the big wind event Friday, but I will wait until tomorrow to get a closer look at them.  I was too busy getting the goods on the prepared lines.   Here is a shot of the Valley with 3D clarity after a long stretch living with the inversion.  It is so nice to be able to see such a site with pristine air.  Tomorrow, look for more great lines all over the hill, with, perhaps, a dusting overnight.  It looks like more snow is in the forecast, so dress for cold and weather.  Look for those prepared lines to be offering the ground pounding fun that was happening today.   Be sure to visit that lower Primrose Path, as it will still be offering that Super Pipe quality that was there today, because it just was not getting the traffic.  See you there dark and early for more Velvet buffage.  See the Line, BE the Line!!

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