2-04-17 by dave

The inversion lifted with the change in the weather, and it was clear all the way across the Valley and beyond.  Up on the hill, the clouds hung on the hill with a few passing clear patches, but did not really clear off until 1:00PM.  That heavy South wind yesterday made the Nigh North aspects the place to look for the smooth goods.  Those few overnight inches were feeling quite a bit deeper in places.  Traffic was heavy with the pent up anticipation of fresh snow, and who can blame them.  For myself, I rested up, spent some time talking to the horses in the coral – they love it when I come out and just talk to them.  They gather around and just listen. They are beautiful creatures.  Here is a shot of two folks who were part of a much larger group that had these cool  helmet caps.  I saw a Panda and a couple of others that were just great.  Thanks for sending that shot Tomi, I tried to get a shot of them yesterday, but they were moving too fast and I could not catch up from my seat at the Forklift.  Tomorrow, look for variable visibility as there is still light snow in the forecast.  Remember your smooth lines from today for the off trail goodness.  The Groomers will be offering great Hydro Velvet with, perhaps, a bit of fresh to cover the dance floor.  I will be dressing for a cold day again, as I have been caught under dressed too many times this season.  There is still quite a bit of static where the wind did not fill in the sections, so tread with caution in the variable light.   I will be back on the hill again tomorrow, and will have the first hand report.  In parting, here is a shot my friend Robert sent of a raven about to be introduced to some interesting gastric phenomena.  That will teach him.  Peace Out!!

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