2-03-17 by dave

A big wind was blowing this morning as the Morning Crew headed out to Mineral Basin, which for the first few minutes was bathed in sunlight.  The Micro Climate back there delivered 5 or so inches of light density Essence.  The wind had smoothed many lines, but the underlying rumble was reflecting through on some of the drops.  Still, it was great to have some fresh product to ply.  The Groomers were excellent as well, as they were covered with a light dusting of goodness that made those smooth lines just that much better.  That stout wind was cutting, making me glad I dressed for cold.  On the front side of the hill, the Groomers were ripping top to bottom, with Lower Primrose Path getting a fresh treatment.  At 11:00AM.,  the Tram was closed due to high winds and Mineral Basin was closed, so I called it a day and began my weekend early.  That Sunshine was short lived, and light snow began falling again as I was leaving.  Here is a shot I got of the fresh cut flowers in the Forklift, courtesy of Julia’s Living Creations.  There is some great detail in this shot and the black back ground makes it pop.  Tomorrow, look for a few fresh inches of goodness to be on tap for the opening bell.  That will go a long way toward providing a cushion over the rumble.  Many smooth lines are still available all over the hill, so look around on the ride up and plan your attack.  Mineral Basin is always a good call for the morning session, with great Groomers and a lot of wind buffed lines still holding the smooth.  I will be taking the day off to get some R and R.  Stay Frosty!!

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