2-02-17 by dave

The snow was falling briskly as I parked the car this morning, and up on the hill there was a half inch of freshness covering the dance floor.  With the off trail holding quite a bit of static, sticking with the known smooth lines was the ticket.  The Morning Crew did the Lewis and Clark exploration, where we found deluxe dust covering the prepared Hydro Velvet lines.  We had to make a few laps there to track it out as there was no one else there to get the goods.  On the front of the hill, more smooth lines had been prepared, with the previously prepared lines still holding the smooth dry chalk that made those lines well worth repeat visits, especially in the variable visibility.  Furious Flurries would break loose, laying down even more medium density Essence, that kept the untracked lines coming.  I stopped into The Summit to check out the offerings for the day and found Elizabeth manning the Carving Station, where the  slow roasted beef looked mighty tasty.  There is so much to like there for lunch it is very hard to choose.  Furious Flurries continued off and on all day long and by 2:30PM. better than 3” had covered the hill, making those smooth lines even more sumptuous.  I tried a few off trail lines thinking I would find a gem, but I was sent traversing back to the smooth to keep the ride nominal.   I met  Tom Dugan today on his very first Tram ride at the Bird.  We spoke about our shared deployments in the Dark Matter Wars, where he continues to engage in the ongoing skirmishes.  I had a good time giving him the 411 on where to find the smooth lines.  Tomorrow, look for a skiff of freshness to have fallen overnight, with continued flurries during the day.  The visibility will continue to be variable, so stay with the trees for definition and look for the smooth lines for the best ride.  Some of the rare pitches off of the Gad 2 Chair had been prepared, so look there for great lines with plenty of trees to keep the details more well defined.  IBBY!

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