2-01-17 by dave

Very high thin clouds and a stout breeze greeted the morning crew.  Visibility was excellent, as the Sun was punching through the screen,  keeping the details in high relief.  Out in Mineral Basin the Groomers were killer, with the White Diamond – Lower Silver Dipper combination offering ground pounding fun.   The wind was working the lines here and there with the line below the Hillary Step offering unreal transported sugar that made that line a mandatory multiple lap extravaganza.  The tracks would fill in with each pass, and the quality seemed to get better with the traffic.  On the front of the hill, the wind was working other lines, but they did not have the throw that the Mineral Lines were offering.   More lower mountain lines had been machine worked, offering very steep, dry chalk top to bottom.  Those lines stood up all day long and I finished the day dialing in that one rare pitch that was still offering a perfect surface at 3PM.  Here is a shot of tree bark that I took while punching a line through the trees to get an obscure wind buffed line.  As the day progressed, the clouds thickened up and the light went flat, with only a few openings of Sunlight coming through.   Holding to the known smooth lines made continued full fall line drops no problem.  Tomorrow, look for overcast skies, continuing wind, and perhaps some precipitation later in the day.  I will be looking for more wind lines to be on tap, and a full assortment of excellent Groomed lines to let you find your inner Ligety.  The off trail continues to be dry and chalky, but the static has built up and will be difficult to discern in the variable visibility. See you there for the Full Fun morning session.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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