1-31-17 by dave

Though the Sun was shining on the hill, there was a persistent Northwest wind that made the morning quite cold.  I dressed for warm weather, so I bailed on the Mineral Basin routine, as I did not want to freeze on the chair.  The Groomers back there were great, with wind transported snow cushioning the ride.  I worked the Peruvian side of the hill to take advantage of the amazing Grooming that had been prepared there.  Lower Lower got the Grooming nod, which is a very rare event, and I just dialed in those steep, dry, chalky turns, extracting as much goodness as I could from each turn.  Very light traffic made back to back Trams a breeze, and the vertical stacked up quickly.  Regulator had been scoured and was smooth but very firm, so I was opting for the Mark Malu lap for variation.   I met the Shred Sisters today on the Tram.  They were stoked to be on the hill, and I gave them the 411 of where the smooth buffage was living.  I know they had a good time, because great lines were easy to find.  The afternoon warmed up, but the wind continued to blow, though the wind lines began to build, and more options were coming available.  Tomorrow, look for another ground pounding extravaganza.  I will be looking for the wind to have worked some nice lines for the morning session, and the Groomers will also be offering that sweet Hydro Velvet.  The buffed lines have been holding up all day, but I still expect Regulator to still be quite firm, so keep that in mind.  I will probably dress a bit warmer for the morning session, as I did miss my Lewis and Clark laps.  See you there for the bright Sun and fast lines.  See the Line, BE the Line!!

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