1-30-17 by dave

It was a bit cooler this morning with a stout Northwesterly breeze keeping the temps. from warming up the air.  The Hydro Velvet was really offering the goods, with some of the big drops prepared very nicely.  As anticipated, those due South aspects did get zapped by the Sun and were a touch crispy and those off trail aspects were very tricky with a stiff crust that made you pay attention.  It was great having the Technicolor visibility, and the reflected Sun on the front of the hill, bathed the shadows with some golden light that made Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path a treat.   Here is a shot of some of the amazing women of Team Sizzle, who have been sharing the DREAM with me for decades on the hill.  One cannot keep up with their pace. Trust Me!!The afternoon warmed up and the wind died down a bit, so the temps. got balmy indeed.  The groomers were holding up and the lower drops were getting better with use.  Those off trail wind lines had been worked over fairly well yesterday, and while they were still good, they did not have that velvet feel they had yesterday.  Still, it was fun hitting those long smooth lines even if there was a bit of static.  Here is a shot of the cornice at the top of the Baldy Chair that got heavily sculpted by that last wind event.  Tomorrow, look for more ground pounding fun on the Groomers, which will still be holding the cold dry chalk.  The off trail is getting worked and interference patterns are building quickly, though that dry chalky feel can be found in there as well.  There are great lines all over the hill and you will be able to find the goods with a bit of looking.  The day will be balmy again.  IBBY!!

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