1-29-17 by dave

Overnight a big wind scoured the hill, transporting much of the snow that wasn’t nailed down, filling all the low guts on all aspects.  The wind lines that it left were solid and smooth, which made lapping those lines a rare treat.  These conditions are exactly what I access when I am working machine worked lines, but in this case it was all done by natural processes.  Here is a longshot of that wind buffed line out under the Bookend Chutes.  That line was absolutely perfect just as that line out in the Exotic trees a couple of days ago was perfect, it was just a different form of perfect.  I call it 40” of Zero %.   Here is the shot I took at the top of the line looking down the pitch at nothing but smooth dry chalk.  On the front of the hill, the wind had placed the dust all over the prepared lines that were also back country smooth and perfect.  With no Tram line, it was easy and fast to get the laps going to get as much of the goods there as well.  It is amazing how fast the hill can change complexion, and this was a real treat to have on such a sunny day.  Tomorrow, look for those smooth lines to still be offering the goods, however, they did get a lot of traffic and may not be as pristine as today’s offering, but you can count on the Groomers to be offering fresh corduroy that is every bit as good as the natural surface.  Be sure to dig into the pack and squeeze as much out of each turn as you can.  Temps. will again be balmy and still as the High Pressure moves over the Front.  I was able to wear my light shell after all those cold windy days.  It will be a great day on the hill and the morning session will be stellar.  As Joe Man The Snowman say’s ” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!

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