1-28-17 by dave

After a long stretch of great Powder bringing weather, the inversion returns to the Front.  Cold temps. in the Valley and warmer temps. in the higher elevations make the Bird the perfect place to be to get up out of the mist.  Up on the Hill, all the bowls are full of fluff, the Groomers are off the charts sweet, and the visibility is full resolution.  Even thought the inversion has begun, the temps. up high were still not quite balmy, but in the next few days we should see much warmer ambience.   Here is a shot taken yesterday out on Last Chance, where the Powder was blowerand Tim Burdick, shooting action shots for Powder Shots, got this rare action shot of me getting the deep goodness.  It is great to have these pro photographers out on the hill getting the action, and letting you take home that NOW moment.  Thanks Tim and Powder Shots for the courtesy shot.  Tomorrow, look for more Sun, ultra buffed Hydro Velvet to shred, and still soft snow on most aspects.  Those due South aspects probably saw a bit of morphing going on today, so take that into account for line choice.   Here is a shot along the Red Lens Line that I got yesterday on my way through The Exotic Trees.There are still plenty of pockets of goodness to find with a bit of looking, so get up out of the fog and into the Light and enjoy the return of the Sun.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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