1-27-17 by dave

It was clear cold and Sunny today after a long stretch of stormage.  It was great to get a blue bird day with amazing snow to make it post card perfect.  There were stout winds blowing the highest elevations, but for the most part it was fairly still on the hill.  Some wind transported lines had been laid down overnight, however, they were a touch on the stiff side, but fun none the less.  The remaining areas that were waiting in the wings were opened with variable conditions on the higher elevations, and much lighter powder down lower.  Here is a shot from The Exotic Treeswhich had been totally filled in by this last cycle, completely erasing the interference patterns that had been there previously. This line was over knee deep and absolutely PERFECT!! What a stroke of fortune to get the first lines out here today.  The off trail is still feeling soft and workable for the most part, and some of the more remote lines were providing some amazing quality.  Needless to say, the conditions today were excellent and stayed that way all day long.    Here is a shot of Tramrat getting the a fresh line on a Lewis and Clark lap in the early morning.You can see it is a bit wind affected, but it still felt great and bottomless.  Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with soft snow and great lines off trail, full tilt boogie Groomers top to bottom, and a bit warmer temps.  Everything is fully fat for the first time in many years.  You just can’t go wrong when the snow is great and the Sun is out.  Stay Frosty!!!

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