1-26-17 by dave

A beautiful 3 or 4 inches of Extra Essence covered the dance floor to start today’s festivities.  Snow was still falling briskly as the day began and continued all day long, with only a few tantalizing glimpses of the Sun, with surrounding peaks becoming visible at times.  Here is a shot I took of The Pfeifferhorn peering out during a break in the clouds.  There was a short delay for the opening of Mineral Basin, so working the Groomers on the Peruvian and Gad sides of the hill was a treat, with big, smooth, steep, lines serving up exquisite quality with the new product covering the mat.  When Mineral did open, there too the fresh coating added extra fluff and cushion to the off trail lines and made the Machine Worked lines excellent as well. Visibility was variable, but enough details were visible to keep the guessing to a minimum.  Powder Paradise opened around 1 PM. with amazing quality that was orgasmic in the extreme for those who were there for the drop.  Here is the line pushing out to the Bookends and beyond where it was wide open and un trammeled.  The Cat Track had not been established yet, so it was single file all theway out.  Persistence paid off with your own choice of line as the Faithful dropped off the traverse, leaving just you and a pristine run top to bottom.  EEEEEYOW!!   Tomorrow, look for improving weather as the system has moved East and High Pressure is poised to take over.  Off trail continues to be soft, but do expect some rumble and the development of Interference Patterns to begin building in with traffic.  All aspect are good to go, as the Sun has not had a chance to work it yet.  The Groomers should be off the chart ripping, with perfect Hydro Velvet quality on all aspects.  A few lingering flurries might add a bit of dust just to kick it up a notch for the morning session.  Cold temps. will still be hanging in, so dress for the conditions.  IBBY!!

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