1-25-17 by dave

A few inches of ultra light Essence covered the dance floor this morning, which made the prepared lines amazing.  Off trail, the left overs were still soft, though they were stiffening up and required a deliberate approach.  Baldy opened, with more of the perfect quality that has been happening all week.  Here is a shot of Mikey M getting the goods on Baldy.  The hill just keeps offering some of the best conditions of the season.  Around 1PM., Mineral Basin opened with deep lines that were decidedly thicker than the snow on the front side.  Still, it was very smooth and blower for those first tracks.  I checked out Lewis and Clark, where I was able to go back and put down  a second set of tracks right next to the line I put down first.   Here is a shot of the  first set I put in.  The conditions remained excellent, though the visibility was variable, there were moments of clarity that let me get a look at the slope.  There were great lines on all aspects of the hill, and I had a great time where ever I went.  On the Plaza the snow has really built up and as an indication of how deep it is I offer this shot of the tables with the tops just showing.  Tomorrow, look for continued flurries and variable visibility, more light density Essence to have fallen overnight, and more un tracked still waiting in the wings.  Off trail will continue to be soft, though thickening can be expected as the day continues.  The hill is fully fat, and any line you choose will be good to go, with consistent quality top to bottom.  Those Groomers will be offering the best smooth lines in the AM. and with the light covering of dust, will be worth getting early.  Get ready for another great day of a great season.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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