2-07-17 by dave

The cycle continues with more medium density product deposited on the dance floor.  It is great to have the extra cushion, as the old layer is fading away with each new installment.  The wind was really cranking on the Peak this morning, and visibility was very marginal, but the fresh snow and smoothing lines made that first runs a real treat.  There was quite a bit of traffic to start out the day, and the Tram backed up a bit, though the Chairs were walk on clear, and there was a fast turnaround using that option.  The Tram closed due to wind, so I checked in to the Forklift Chair to assess the options.   Buzzy and Bunny came back from their tour of British Columbia, where they visited all the big areas for the last few weeks.  It was great to have them back on the hill, and Buzz missed all those Lewis and Clark events, but he had a great time.  He sent me this shot of this very special Spotted Cow Beer, that is only available in one corner of the state in which it is made.   Only those who know, know how special this brew is.  Thanks Buzz!!Tomorrow, look for more unsettled weather, great snow on the hill, and lots of variations to explore.  The hill is so fat now that going to the far reaches and obscure lines is a treat, as all the features are long gone.  I dropped into Great Scott on my first run and it was clean and green all the way to the bottom.  It has not been this filled in in many years now.   Look for the Groomers to be offering the consistent smooth, however, the wind has done great things, so be on the look out for the wind filled aspects.  There may be some additional accumulation during the night, and I expect another amazing day of big mountain excitement to be on tap.  As a parting shot, here is Mikey M. getting into a deep pocket way out on the traverse.  This gives you an idea of the excellence that is happening today and will be on tap for tomorrow.  Thanks for that shot Mike.   Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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