3-25-10 by dave

Thursday morning saw strong South winds blowing in  ahead of the next batch of weather that is moving in.   North facing aspects are slowly filling in, softening the troughs between the low amplitude bumps that are still wide spread over most of the terrain that gets regular traffic.  Lots of good smooth lines remain in the out of the way shots and the wind will only make those shots better as the wind works the sections.   The Sun was offering great visibility until the high clouds began moving in later in the afternoon, turning off the lights , though the visibility remained good, it was just less well defined.  Look for the guts and tree lines to be grabbing the transported snow and will offer the hidden lines that get better  as the wind keeps filling them in.  The approaching weather is still hard to nail, but we can hope for some nice sauce to add to the smoothing sections.  Watch the South and the West facing aspects, which still are sporting the serious crunch factor 6 that just send my knees screaming.  The fresh snow will be perfect on the Groomers where I would be looking for smooth carvage.  I am still reporting from the Home Planet and will be back on deck for Sunday.  Stir the sauce vigorously for me !!!  END TRANSMISSION

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