3-24-10 by dave

Cool morning air kept the new snow nicely refrigerated for the morning attendees.   The groomers, again, offered ripping carve-ability on the North facing aspects of the hill.  The South and West facing still sport the crunch factor just below the surface.  The high Sun angle will be working the exposed shots no matter what the air temp. does, so get to the shot of your choice early for best results.  Light traffic is still making the big vertical assault wide open for full rock and roll.  Continued great conditions are available  with the High North facing aspects still holding the cold and will continue to keep that Winter softness as we move into the next few days.  The deep trees are still sporting well defined bumps wall to wall, with soft snow to cushion the ride.  Be aware of the Sun working the exposures, with South facing  softening nicely by Noon, offering a spring like feel.  It will take a couple more days for corn consistency to appear, but that will be worth the wait.  Keep the hammer down for me and just rip it!!! END TRANSMISSION

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  1. Matt says:

    Hey Dave thanks for keeping us up to date on all things Snowbird.

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