3-23-10 by dave

As I suspected, winter seems to have returned to grace us with more of the special sauce that you knew had to come.  With luck, we might experience a cycle reminiscent of this time last year.  The depth today was hard to get a handle on as the wind factor had kicked in, smoothing the High North sections and adding some cushion to the underlying pack.  The West facing remains very crunchy on all the shots, making a full on assault dubious, but do it your way.  The visibility was a toss up all day with clouds and fog to deal with.  The North facing tree lines would offer the best reference points, with the addition of much better winter snow pack underneath the new snow.  Low traffic was also a feature after the last week’s busy  schedule.  Better weather and visibility for tomorrow is on tap, leaving the fog obscured shots untrammeled and waiting for the early attendants.  I am still deep in the events here on the Home Planet, but enjoy the winter snow for me and be safe.  END TRANSMISSION

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  1. Lee says:

    Thanks for posting these daily updates. I really appreciate finding out about the conditions from someone that’s really up there testing it out, as compared to just a weather report!

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