3-26-10 by dave

Friday brought new snow and colder temps. for the faithful, who did not want the season to turn into spring before they got the goods.  The bottom was still fully in play on all exposures, with the South and West facing still quite crunchy.  Wait, I said the same thing yesterday… well, despite the new snow the song remains the same.  You have to factor that into the mix this time of the season.  The Sun, being the important influence, remained obscured for the day preserving the quality for tomorrow.  The snow continued all day with periods of heavy gropple, bringing a sugary consistency to the fresh sauce.    Little Cloud and Powder Paradise remained closed, leaving those areas fresh for the morning, so be sure to plan accordingly.  The forecast is looking promising for more snow this week, which will help build up the softness overall, improving the conditions as we go.  Tomorrow look for the pockets of undiscovered fresh, closed areas, as well as the groomers, which promise to be buffed smooth and tasty.  I will be making the time twisting journey back through the Cosmic Warp all day tomorrow, and I am hoping all my atoms arrive fully in tact.  I have never fully trusted that process, but how else can it be done.   Ciao!!!  END TRANSMISSION

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