3-28-10 by dave

Forgive me for missing yesterday’s post, but I was making the arduous journey through the Time Portal on my way back from the Home Planet.  Things got rough indeed as I transited the Morphogenic Field during re-entry.  I am most glad to be back to find winter- spring like conditions.  Sunday offered cold temps. with very dry chalky snow on the Groomers, that were firm and velvety top to bottom.  Even the Gad side of the hill held the cold carve-able quality on the lower aspects that I though would be bullet proof, but no, they were user friendly and groovalicious.  Mineral Basin offered a fresh treatment of White Diamonds that sent you hurrying back up the chair for more.  Very light traffic on the Tram and no lines on the Chairs kept the stoke factor high and motoring for every one so inclined.  The South facing began to feel the Sun effect around Noon by just barely breaking the chill.   West facing also resisted the Sun well into the afternoon when the high angle began to take over.  Off trail, the West and South facing are very set up and stiff, with the North and East facing still soft and winter like, though the wind did thicken the product slightly.  Tomorrow look for continued quality on the North facing and the Groomers where extra effort has been taken to widen the field in many of the major effort areas.  Touring from Hidden Peak and Gad 2 were open today opening the options on the day.  For me, the snow was too good in bounds to mount up an effort, though the conditions looked excellent from Hidden Peak.   More weather is brewing for the week, so keep thinking deep thoughts and bring this system in on track.  I missed you all while I was away, but my presence was mandatory in this instance.   Peace Out!!!


  1. Tommy P says:

    The Gu is back.

    Any vibe on what April might bring? Give us a solid beam of light on the potential for the foolish month.

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