3-29-10 by dave

An early cloud deck covered the sky early Monday morning, making me think that we were in for a dismal day.  As the Sun rose up it seemed to burn right through the clouds lighting the morning, and giving the few attendees the goods.  A warm peak temp. left exposures soft and carve-able.  Even Regulator offered firm but edge-able consistency top to bottom.  On the Peruvian side the Groomers were velvet smooth with some lower shots freshly buffed, revealing dry chalky carpets to dig into.  I dialed back the throttle to dig as deep as I could into the sumptuous quality.  Again, if you go through too fast you will miss the sweetness that is fleeting this time of the year.  The Upper Cirque still is holding the cold, though today’s high temps. definitely began to morph the product.  Still, those shots still offer great quality and will continue to do so tomorrow. Low amplitude bumps are inhabiting most of the hill, with larger amplitude features building on the popular sections.  Off trail crud is problematic on the South and West faces, as it has stiffened and morphed over the last few days, so test those sections before fully committing.  Tomorrow looks to be warm again with high South winds ahead of the weather moving in.  The Tram may  have issues if  the velocity gets too strong, but you know the Tram crew will still do their best for us.  I think the Groomers will be very nice again in the morning with some Sun to light up the day.  Today the lights went out at 2:00 PM. when high clouds moved in, making the definition a touch obscure.  I was asked about my thoughts on April snow.  This year has been a tough read all season.  We had those big cycles that were unpredicted, so I am confident that we could see some exciting days ahead.  I am always optimistic, being a firm believer in focused thoughts manifesting, I am willing to THINK BIG and let the snow fly.  How about You?!!!  Think major DUMP!!!  Wait!!! Major DUMPS!!! Ciao!!

2 Responses to “WARM WIND”

  1. Tommy P says:

    Yes a couple major dumps are in order and now hopefully on order. No matter what your position is on the causes of climate change it is evident through many factors that things are just plain weird.

  2. George and Lisa Lewis says:


    Given your intelligence report(s) for April snow dump(s), we plan to fly back to the Bird over April 10th through 17th.

    I ended groomed hardpack skiing at Stowe, Vt. on 3-27.

    The Forklift’s Planetary Office powder call has been duly noted.

    Lisa is rehabilitating from her 2-6-10 (wet snowgun) Killington spiral fracture and tendon tear.

    My ski partner has been a trooper throughout her ordeal. She is looking forward to yoga at The Cliff Spa and also getting back on her white Pro Rider Dynastar’s next season.

    See you at the office!




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