3-30-10 by dave

Tuesday morning featured winds that were nuking, and they rocked the communications trailer all night long.  I checked out the Tram status, even before I went to my locker to see what the deal was, only to find it down due to high winds.  I was not surprised at this.  I suited up to ride the chairs to get a first hand look at things.  I was one of 4 folks who made it to the top via the Little Cloud Chair, which was closed behind us due to a lightning issue.  The Road to Provo proper was covered with transported snow, making it sweet and dance-able.  Dropping into Mark Malu began the challenging decent to the bottom of the hill , where I make a hasty retreat to the Forklift Chair to take full advantage of the ambiance offered there.  All of the lifts were on hold for 30 minutes until the static charge moved through.  The Peruvian Chair also began operating, offering access to that side of the hill.  Very firm conditions prevailed on all aspects, though the warm temps. kept the Groomers edge-able top to bottom, saving the day as the the runs softened as time progressed.   There was profuse tree litter all over the runs, giving some needed definition in the very flat light conditions.  I bailed after breakfast to get the small patch of lawn in front of the trailer fertilized before the rain began.  Dust filled the air in the valley, choking my eyes and nose.   Snow looks like it is just on the door step, with a nice prospect for the morning. Look for smoothing on the North facing shots, where the wind filled in the low areas with transported sugar: nice!  We will see you in the AM.  IBBY!!

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  1. Maree Surrey says:

    Hey Dave,
    just about fell of my seat when checking out the bird and see that you’ve entwined your self into a blog for the bird as well – hope they’re filling you up with Daves Fries for that!
    Not sure if you remember me, but I was the kiwi girl, Maree that worked in the Forklift back in 02 & 03 and just wanted to say a big hi to you and the crew and keep on skiing for freedom I say!

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