3-31-10 by dave

There was light snow on the trailer this Wednesday morning, signaling the arrival of the long awaited installments.   I got an early start to get a jump on the crowd, which did not materialize with the low volume snow report.  The wind was howling and snow was blowing in near white out curtains.  The Tram was having issues related to the major dust storm from yesterday, and was not going to run until they found out the problem.  The entire hill had been covered with the talcum fine dust from the South desert, giving it a grayish brown tint.  The 3 or 4” of fresh snow filled in all the hollows, making the wide open slopes look like an eerie moon scape.  With very low attendance it felt like you were totally alone on the hill.  The Little Cloud chair was being hammered by the wind, which was blowing from the Southwest, filling in the North facing aspects slowly.  Regulator also looked wild with a sharp white-gray contrast as we hunkered down for the long pounding trip up.  I looked at Great Scott, but thought better of the entrance, which still was a forbidden zone, and worked my way out to the Middle Cirque.  The Traverse was wild and woolly, with wind scoured ledges and deep piles of slab to negotiate.  Nothing like a good  challenge .  I felt like I was on an expedition or something.  The middle Cirque still had not accumulated sufficient snow to buffer the very crusty base, though the new snow was dense and supple as I made my way down, following the white areas and avoiding the gray crust.  Good visibility, despite the blowing and snow, was welcome in dealing with route selection.  Continued snow is forecast through Thursday, so look for improving conditions as we move through this cycle.  The North facing will be favored with this pattern, though if the wind switches around be prepared to use your inner senses to navigate.  I suspect good things to come, and an exciting morning to show up for.  The Easter weekend will be well attended, so think about the various chair options to access your favorite sections, as the Tram may still have issues, but in any event it will be very backed up if it runs.  Our collective visualizations seem to have kicked in nicely, don’t you think?   Nice work folks.  But don’t stop now.  Bigger, deeper, all month long….. Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Ciao!!

4 Responses to “MOON SCAPE”

  1. Powderchaser says:

    Great report Dave! Please check out my strive for the perfect Trifecta of Powder on my website and contact me via email as soon as you can. POWDAH is coming

  2. Bari Levine says:

    Later in the day things improved tremendously. Silver fox and Primrose were smooth and deep as well as lower hanging bowl. blackjack also good with minor crunch underneath. Tram never ran. Rumors were flying that it will be down indefinitely. No clear diagnosis of problem. Let’s hope for better news.

  3. Whit says:

    This was the perfect description of last Wednesday. I was thinking the same thing on my way up Little Cloud; So desolate, so eerie!

  4. Erin says:

    Hi Dave. Thanks for the daily recap. We really enjoyed the Gad 2 trees on Wednesday. It was our first day of new powder accumulation for our ski week. Each run, our prior tracks were filled in. “Free refills” all day long. And, yes, the place was quiet.

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