4-01-10 by dave

The faithful had their dreams fulfilled Thursday with the arrival of some of the best snow of the season.  After yesterday’s scouring, I though that I would be bouncing off the bottom, dealing with wind slab, and negotiating variable depths top to bottom.  What I, and the large turn out of the faithful, found was 18 to 20” of the yummiest, most excellent product we all could have hoped for.  I did not touch the bottom or bounce off the bumps on any of the shots that I chose.  I began with Great Scott, which had sent me packing yesterday, and dropped in, turning right down the left side with face shots hitting me with every compression.  Unreal!  The energy level was off the scale, with everyone tripping on the dream state.   The winds were still pounding out of the Northwest, hammering the exposures there, stiffening and transporting the depth to the North and East faces, which were filling the tracks back in almost as fast as you could get back to a shot.  At Noon I dropped upper Primrose to find perfect untracked with a perfectly smooth ride.  The Tram remained backed up all morning, but the chairs offered quick access to the goods for those who were so inclined.  Little Cloud and Powder Paradise remained closed, so they will be a nice stash for the morning.  The air remained cold, with the Sun remaining shrouded, preserving the winter quality, so the morning will offer excellent conditions again wall to wall.  The only advisory would be to watch the West facing shots that were scoured by the wind exposing the frozen crust, which can be easily identified by the gray- brown tint showing through the fresh white coat.  More snow is forecast in the next few days, delivering more of the Utah light that we crave.  Keep the powder dreams going!!!  Powers Out!!!

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  1. Erin says:

    My first face shot experience. Best day of skiing EVER.

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