12-11-10 by dave

The snow falling from yesterday into last night, sent a signal through the collective consciousness of the faithful, drawing them to the power center to partake of the Essence.  High winds and a delayed start on the Tram sent them in search of alternate lift options to get to goods.  The wind had heavily slammed the snow pack, transporting the goods to the high North and West facing exposures, where the best reports came, leaving the other aspects scoured, intermittent, or slabbed out.    The Tram fired up at 11:30 AM.  and was a welcome uphill bump for the faithful, who filled all the lots and Canyon Road.  It was a good day to have taken off.  Tomorrow look for the wind packed, supportable lines in Mineral Basin, the high North East faces, and the always reliable grooming runs for the morning warm up.   The Cirque Traverse is also offering some West facing treats if you go venturing out that way.  A warm front is moving through for tonight, which might deliver some higher density product.  Temps. are also expected to be above average, so plan on not having to dress too heavily.  The mountain is still holding up the overall smoothness, with the bump build up holding off for the time being.  I am taking full advantage of the line and ride.    After all the limited visibility days, I have been unable to get any photos that have any definition, so I will get some put up as soon as I can. Stay tuned.   See you there in the AM!   IBBY!!

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