12-10-10 by dave

The morning started off with just a small amount of snow, though the winds were taking it and filling in the Peruvian side of the hill.   Very light traffic made the back to back pace make-able with no problem.  The wind came up in a big way around 10:30 AM, and continued to build to a frenzy at 11:30 AM, when the Tram was shut down.   I ventured forth to the Peruvian Express, on my way to Mineral Basin, for the Super Loop.   The wind was stupendous, and there was  no question why the Tram was down.  It is so fun to be in such extreme conditions.  If you were caught in the high mountains in those conditions, it would be life threatening, however, with our gear and vision, we make it a sport.  The snow increased markedly with the increased wind, filling in the tracks and making every run a fresh one.   The wind was really hammering the snow pack, scouring here, filling in there, but overall the mountain is buffed smooth and prime for a full on assault on the fall line of choice!  MMMMM!!!  The entrance to Great Scott is entertaining, and I will be looking elsewhere until it gets more realistic.  Heavy snow is forecast to continue through tomorrow, so you can bet it is going to be great.  The density was a bit on the high side, but with dropping temps., a special day is on tap for those who get up there.  I will, of course, be off tomorrow, so please take a run for me.  I will be posting tomorrow, based on my inside sources.   IBBY!!

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