12-09-10 by dave

There was one inch of sweet frosting all over the entire mountain that was spread evenly top to bottom.  Not too much, not too little, it was just right.  I took the opportunity of super light traffic and ultra smooth groomers to take out my wings for 3 blistering runs.  The light was a touch flat, though the Sun was threatening to bring definition as soon as it got higher in the sky.  Mineral Basin had the bright Sun right off the bat, and offered some smoking lines with zero pressure.  As the morning wore on,  the high clouds kept the light an issue  obscuring the details that could help the charge, but the smoothness of the hill and the consistency of the fresh frosting made  a solid commitment to the fall line good to go.  The High North is staying very smooth with the entrances to the major shots not a bad choice.   Some low amplitude rumble is beginning to rise up in the sections that get a bit more traffic, though the cadence  of the rumble seems to accommodate a GS turn without  much problem.  The overall smoothness of the hill lends itself to some exploration runs to get a closer look at the hill.  Some times a rasty section will keep me from venturing for a look, but it looks like exploratory runs are a good idea while the pressure is off and the pace is more realistic.  Tomorrow, look for great grooming to get the juices flowing.  Those 3 flights I took this morning surely did that.   See you dark and early for the festivities.   Peace Out!!

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  1. tom says:

    Nice report. Low traffic indeed. Just enough product to make things nice mostly everywhere. The sun did pop thru to make it balmy for a bit.

    I saw you coming around the bend towards big emma with your wings in hand. The first thought occurred to me was that you were carrying pizza boxes. Must have been close to lunch time.

    Rock on!

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