12-08-10 by dave

The morning was beautiful, clear, warm, and just  perfect as an apres storm day, where all my muscles and joints are feeling the strain of the last series of days.   The Groomers were the place to get warmed up before getting started on the crud left over from yesterday, which had begun to set  up and get stiff.  The North facing shots still had the granular softness, but else where the crud took a bit more persuasion to punch through.  I went in search of the last vestiges of untracked, finding some small sections and corners to tap into.  After a serious look at the options, I went back to the Groomers to take advantage of the velvety smoothness that got increasingly sweet with the traffic.   There is more snow in the forecast, which can only add to the legend that this season seems to be developing.  We should make a mental note of this year as we move into the future, when THEY will ask what year was most memorable.  Perhaps, this will be the year we will talk about like we talk about 1985.  Anyone remember that one?   Oh yeah, that was a year!!!  But you know, each year has it’s greatness and certain days that defy exaggeration, so you have to grab each day as a treasure.  The hill is still holding up the smoothness, with only the most heavily used spots getting any amplitude, so all lines are good to go and a feeling good.  I will see yo there for first Boat!!!   Ciao!!   Muldar  was right!!!

One Response to “LOW LIGHT”

  1. Christopher Thiel says:

    Guru Dave Powers.
    Knew ya in ’77.
    Have pics of you.
    Thought 78-79 one of the best amigo!
    You remember us…Art, Scott, Brillo…The Sultans of Swing!
    Do you ever hear anything about Greg Smith?
    Glad to see you still rocking!
    As am I. Will see you this winter.

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