12-07-10 by dave

With only 4” reporting, no one showed up for  a sumptuous treat of “Bottomlessly” dense grauple, that was effortless and buoyant.   The very light attendance left untracked lines very late in the day.  The Sun in Mineral Basin was wonderful first thing, with smooth lines wall to wall.  The mountain felt like you were skiing deep sugar, and it did not pack out, but remained blastable.  The traverses are getting much better, with with cover holding a bit higher on those sections closer to the rocks  Tomorrow, look for a great morning with Sun and your choice of line, because you will find soft happening snow on all exposures.  I keep saying this, but this is my favorite time of the year.  There are so many rare treats to be had, because there is no traffic to distort the perfection that is there now.   I went venturing to the fare reaches today, where I was able to get a shot I never even consider, but now it offered a rare moment that I haven’t seen in years.  .  It is well worth taking the time to take a second and look around at way the hill is wearing with the wind we have had.  I keep passing by theses exposed knolls of rock that will be covered by the next big installment.  There is weather in the forecast, so we can look forward to some very rare days indeed.  See you there for first Bell.  IBBY!!

2 Responses to “RARE DAYS”

  1. Tim Boyle says:

    I had no idea it was going to be that good.

  2. Kathy Schjelderup says:

    You were spot on with this review. We couldn’t stop saying how amazing there were no powder hounds competing for the all-day sugar powder.

    It was the best early season day I’ve had in a decade or more! Thanks for your daily reports. I enjoy them often. -Kathy

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