12-06-10 by dave

It was a dismal drive up the Canyon this morning, with rain , rain, rain, all the way up.  When would it switch over to snow?; or would it!   Finally, just before entry one , the rain turned to snow with no apparent accumulation.  Only a hand full of the intrepid faithful made the first Tram, and they were treated to some beautiful high density, cold, and down right frothy  fluffulecence.   The wind was working the product, moving it into deep deposits that kept blowing in run after run.  With the low attendance, the fresh runs were plentiful, with no pressure anywhere on the hill.  I was able to find good long sections of untracked at 3:00 PM.  It was still snowing when I left the hill and the forecast is for continued snow this evening, so I expect conditions to be deluxe for the morning crew.  The mountain is remaining smooth overall.  This high density snow is fulling in the sections and is buffering the old layer top to bottom.  There is still a bit of scratch showing through, especially where the wind has stripped it off, but these spots are surrounded by consistent sweetness with no worries.  .  Though it seem like the Peruvian side of the hill is getting the most benefit from this pattern,  there are plenty of fine locations of the Gad side of the hill, where the wind leaves the goods on the far side of tree lines and guts, so be on the look out for the ignored and out of the way lines.   See you there dark and early.   Ciao!!

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