12-05-10 by dave


Traffic was light and the snow was excellent for those who showed up for today’s festivities.  A bit of overnight snow sweetened the hill with varying depths, depending on aspect.  Some spots were sporting 6 or 7” of beautiful density product on top of wind smoothed wind slab.  I sampled many shots during the pre breakfast session, and was able to get some great first track runs by following my nose.   The light traffic kept fresh lines happening well after Noon, with some real treats to be found with a modicum of effort.   The upper Cirque was blown smooth, presenting  some of the coolest lines on the hill.   The Groomers were smokin’ with the fresh fluff pushing the quality level well up the scale.  I was dialing back the throttle to get more of the essence and feel of the turn, so I could place this day on the internal hard drive.  Tomorrow, look for continued excellence on the steep shots off the top, with Mineral Basin still holding up some great lines that are well lit by the early morning Sun.   The Groomers will be vacant and rocking for the first Tram crew, who are always energized and going full on.  There is some snow in the forecast for this week, but in the mean time the conditions are great, the lines are non existent, and fun meter is pegged!!    I caught this glimps of a Federation ship just hanging out to see what all the hub bub was about!! See you there dark and early.   Ciao!

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