12-04-10 by dave

I was totally belly up today, as I did some catching up on the Down Loads.  However, I was thinking about what I was missing.    The first tram going off, the gang going up, anticipating the peak, and the run.  You just never know what your going to find.  But I am betting my bottom dollar, that today’s first tram attendants had fun, and that they made the lap back  ASAP.   I am looking forward to tomorrow, which might bring some more snow.  Going into the next week, the stage is set, with solid base for the most part.  The only caveat is that the wind has exposed some rocky knolls, so be on the look out for tell tale signs.  The hill is still maintaining that smooth  low traffic feel, and with the help of the wind, it will continue to keep that Big Mountain complexion.    Tomorrows festivities are well on the way, so I will see you on first Boat!!!   IBBY

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