12-03-10 by dave

The few who were on hand for today’s festivities were treated to a plethora of fine lines on numerous exposures.  As anticipated, the North, North East, East, as well as some west facing exposures had lines of supportable wind slab and  accumulations of wind deposited sugar  to sweeten the surface.  The visibility was a touch on the flat side, but that did not seem to affect the groove.  The off trail sections have been getting more consistent every day, while resisting any appreciable mogul development overall.  Even where bumps have developed, they offer good cadence and soft lines to work with.  The wind has continued to keep the natural grooming process going, so look for great shots right off the top on all exposures.  Upper Great Scott is no bargain, once again due to the sketchy traffic damage, though the main shot is very good.  I am holding off on that one until the entrance improves after Monday’s no pressure freshies.    Even the folks who arrived later in the day were still fully in the fun zone, as the sugar build up kept the runs fresh and fun.  I am fully in shape now and have been able to get a full day in, taking advantage of the low traffic, killer conditions, and the quiet traffic patterns that are the great feature during this time of the season.  I am hanging on to every day, making a mental note of the rarities that exist if you are here during this special time. I don’t think Tomorrow will be too busy, with most of the chairs open and good access to all exposures.  Tomorrow is my day off, so I will get the low down and post what I am hearing.   Ciao!!!  Here is a cool shot of a rock outcropping in Little Cloud.

Many Billion year old rock

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