12-02-10 by dave

Today was one of those rare days when incredible actually gets better.  I know I am working in fine shades of white here, but they – whoever they are- were working hard to push the plush factor over the top.  Bright sun and very warm temperatures framed the morning, though the low Sun angle made the front of the hill a bit flat, but perfect.  Mineral Basin was drenched in full Sun blast, showing a smooth wind groomed expanse that invited exploration.  For the morning session the back side was the place.  As the Sun rose, the front of the hill became  a top to bottom dream.   Back to back Trams pushed the energy level up to 11.  Very light traffic made some of the trams very spacious indeed, and the casual pace made it easy to do full laps.  The wind picked up as the day progressed and began transporting the loose snow to the North East and Eastern exposures.  The West exposures also were getting the buffage, as Little Cloud just kept getting better as the traffic and wind polished the surface.   Tomorrow, look to the upper North and  East facing shots for snow transported overnight, where you will find very rare wind carpet.  The entrances are getting more covered with just a bit of sketch to deal with, no biggie. I expect continued light traffic, so  eat your Wheaties – Or Power Spuds- to take advantage of this special conditions event.  To my mind, perfect wind slab is one of my most favorite surfaces.  Again, just another shade of white.  Here is a shot of the East Twin in the morning Sun.   Peace out.


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