12-01-10 by dave

After last week’s freeze fest, this morning felt absolutely tropical.  3 to 4” of dense product fell overnight, creating, as Bike Freq said,”  an insulated frosting.  The sumptuous density of the frosting was effortless and fully buffered the bottom layer.  3” or 24” it did not matter as this was just deluxe from the word GO.  The warmth of the air, the smooth sliding, and the slow relaxed pace just felt sultry to me.  The wind was blowing with increasing intensity, filling in all the hollows, and the old tracks, as fast as they were cut.  I kept going back to the same line Tram after Tram to, once again, dial in the sensation.   The density also made the turns feel like they were in slow motion; so low down!!  There were some peeks of the sun from time to time here and about, mostly in Mineral Basin where the clouds seemed to be breaking up.  All aspects were helped tremendously by the new installment, where the punch-ability of yesterday  gave way to sweet turns with the extra luxurious quality.  The visibility deteriorated as the day wore on, but the snow just kept getting better off trail, so I really was not paying attention.  Hoopy’s Crotch is still sporting a mighty thin face after the slide pulled all the cover out.  Be real cautious of that section if you venture over there.   I trod past it today to get to the far side, so I got a good look at it.  Tomorrow look for another light traffic day, with great conditions on all exposures.  This is my favorite time of the year, with walk on Trams, no hill pressure, and excellent snow conditions.  See you there dark and early. IBBY!!

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  1. tom says:

    Nice report and I can easily sense your enjoyment of this awesome early season conditions in your writing.

    Now, I know where Phone Shot 3, Reg Johnson, Blackjack, Silver Fox, Wilbere, and many others got their name (thanks to The Bird magazine), but where did Hoopy’s Crotch come from?

    Also, just wanted to know…have you ever boarded?

  2. Larry Wilcox says:

    What does IBBY stand for?

  3. dave says:

    As most of my friends will tell you, I spend most of my time in Outer Space; the rest of the time is at the Bird. IBBY is an arcane reference “I am going to Blast Off” I’ll Be Blasting You IBBY. I know, it Is OUT THERE!!!

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