11-30-10 by dave

It did not matter which side of the hill you chose this  morning, the Groomers were impeccable with flawless corduroy wall to wall.  The snow quality of the past cycle lends itself well to the machines, leaving a luxurious carpet on which to SHRALP!!  The off trail was getting bit stiffer with age, though there were still soft areas to find if you were so inclined.  With the Tram running on a 15 Minute schedule,  I ventured out to Mineral Basin today, to get that extra lap in that you miss by rushing back to the Tram to wait.  While there, I found the off trail to be quite punchy and breakable overall after all the wind last week, and the Groomers were very nice with zero icy spots anywhere.  I dropped off the groomer in numerous locations  to check the resistance to turn attack, and beat a hasty retreat back to the smooth and buffed.  The coverage back there is quite good, though the wind had scoured off some of the knolls and spines, leaving threads of solid wind slab linked with sections of breakable.  The Cliff sections lower down, facing South, were filled in quite nicely and are good to go.   The Book Ends looked very slabby and uninviting, however, the Sunday Cliffs seemed to have preserved the quality the best, but it had not yet opened when I left at 2 PM.   The Sun started to get obscured by high clouds after Noon and the lights went out for good at 1:30 PM.  I did ski off trail in numerous locations during the day where you can expect to find very good crud with little rumble to negotiate.  The deep terrain features are still not fully filled in yet, so be ready for some abrupt variations;  ie; Black Jack, were there are some sections of willows that are difficult work through once you get to the bottom.  The hill is skiing like mid January, but there are surprises to be found, make no mistake.  Tomorrow,  look for a storm to move in with the visibility being the only real issue.  Great snow conditions continue  wall to wall, just use a bit of caution overall and enjoy.   See you in the AM.   I am vapor!!

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  1. Mark Urdahl says:


    You are Da Man!!!

    I just love reading your thoughtful, nuanced dedications to the art of snow….bird, that is. 🙂

    See you in a couple of weeks……still got your wings?

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