11-29-10 by dave

Today was the kind of snow that dreams are made of, and if you have been Working Your Angels, they came through with a dose that made the dream come true.  With little pressure on the hill, everyone  seemed to find their  place in the flow and the day moved quickly along with little or no waiting.  The snow got deeper and a touch denser as you got toward the bottom, but it was  not denser per se, it was richer, more luxurious.  Granted, the bottom texture, due to the extreme lightness of the frosting,  was still in play, but the general smoothness of the hill enabled confident commitment to any of the selected descents.  Most of the mountain opened quickly, with the exception of Gad 2, offering plenty of room to explore and find untracked well into the morning and later, if you looked further afield.  The continued cold temps. kept the product soft and explosive all day, and will be great for tomorrow.  This has been such an incredible cycle,  giving us mid January conditions this far before Christmas.  I scoped out the Pucker Brush choke point today and it is still mighty scoured below the drop off with open reefs plainly visible.  There are access sections  to the right and left of center to get you around the dicey area, so just use care before you come smoking off the knoll.   I still have not ventured into Mineral basin, due to the lack of visibility, but I will be getting back there this week.  The Sun popped through the clouds today, now and again, to illuminate some great lines.  I think tomorrow will still be on the slow traffic side, letting you get the maximum vertical.  Here is a shot of my run into Great Scott first tram with absolutely no pressure.  I was able to take my camera out and take this shot and there was still no one dropping in.  Now that is rare.   Great turning!!!!   Peace Out!

Upper Cirque

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