11-28-10 by dave

The flakes were falling with lacy elegance all morning long.  I cleared 2” of fresh from the array so that any incoming downloads would be correctly assimilated into the crystal matrix.  Hard drives are so finicky.  Meanwhile, on the hill, the light fluff was building up slowly on top of the leftovers of yesterday’s wind storm.  Some faces were supportable and consistent, others, well… not so much.  I went for a low altitude, West facing shot in the trees, that I though would be prime, but I was greeted by heinous breakable covered in beautiful light density.  Lets just say I used almost all my bullets on that section as I dodged the oncoming trees without the solid center I usually carry.  I figured I had better stay on the smooth and predictable before I had an unfortunate situation.  It is better to return and ski another day.  The visibility was  pretty good, though the detail was very hard to discern, and the devil is in he details.  Again, after getting severely bounced by hidden features, I made my way back to the smooth.   I have yet to venture into Mineral Basin, but reviews are mixed, so I will wait for a better time to get the first hand look.   The snow continued building up slowly, making each run just that much softer as the day progressed.  Tomorrow will offer some stellar fresh lines, though the bottom will still be in play and the hidden features will still be problematic.  Tread with  a modicum of caution just for drill.  Just a low amplitude rumble is prevalent off trail, making any additional fresh a welcome addition.  This feels like mid January cover and conditions, and I will be soaking up the ambiance of the low traffic, before Christmas, lull in the overall traffic.  See you in the AM!!  IBBY!!

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  1. Mike Sotiriou says:

    I lost a ski at snowbird today (11/29/10). I’ve been told there is a guy around LCC that will help locate skis with a metal detector (for a fee). I’ve been searching for this person’s name and contact info but nobody seems to be able to help. I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of this person, or know where I might be able to get more info. I’d appreciate any help.

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