11-27-10 by dave

This morning was overcast with flat light and I was on the couch recharging after a big week of charging.  The Chef checked in with a first hand assessment of the day by saying that the ” vicious wind gusts pummeled the west facing slopes” and that visibility was a serious issue all the way to the bottom of the hill.  Mineral Basin opened for the first time this season, with Kazoodi telling me it was very breakable and inconsistent, not worth a second try.  The high wind also dropped the wind chill factor into the uncomfortable zone.  I am still sporting some serious frost bite damage left over from the other day, even though I had covered up, it got me, as the temp was sub zero and the wind was really stout.  The Tram went down due to wind, leaving the intrepid to brave the chairs.  The off trail was getting buffed by the wind, making the surface supportable and smooth.  Oh, I love the wind slab, one of my most favorite surfaces.  It is that surface I try to imagine when ripping perfect corduroy.  Wind grooming is decidedly superior, but our Grooming Crew nails the vintage feel admirably and dishes up some serious quality.   GROOVALICIOUS!!!  Snow is in the forecast for the overnight hours, so the new smooth supportable base will be covered with some righteous fresh for the early risers.  The mountain is filling in beautifully, so you can begin to hit all the lines of your choice with  high confidence and, perhaps some Unmitigated Audacity.  I will be there dark and early,  see you there.   Ciao!!!

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  1. Niff says:

    Dave you rock. I check your report nightly before going to bed. Then drift off to sleep with a smile on my face revisiting past joyous days at the Bird and looking forward to the next visit. Many thanks !

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