11-26-10 by dave

This morning was 20 degrees warmer than yesterday,  with the peak even warmer than the bottom of the hill.  The snow we have received is perfect for grooming and ripping.  Regulator was just impeccable and lent itself to full on rock and roll.  There was zero icy spots anywhere top to bottom.  One could Lock and Load your edges, and ride the line with full confidence.  Baldy opened for the first time of the season, offering very consistent conditions.  My good friend B- FLASH characterized the feel as being like a ” silky bed sheet”  I guess we can all read the sub text behind that!  Needless to say,


those that took the time to venture out there were rewarded with goodness.  Field of Glory has released to the very old layer, leaving a treacherous section well down the fall line.  It will take a bit more snow to refill that piece.  The continued refrigerated days are keeping the off trail soft, though the crud is beginning to seriously firm up, with the Upper Cirque getting buffed with traffic and wind.  While I am thinking of it, the Black Ice situation in the Canyon is very severe as of late, and has caused numerous sojourns off the road all the way up  to the Bird entrances, so use caution all the way up the canyon.   The cold temps have been morphing the snow surface in the  untracked sections, creating surface crystals that sparkle like diamonds.  Here is a shot I took off the beaten path to show you how beautiful it was.  Zoom in to get the best view.   Tomorrow is my day off , but you can look forward to continued great skiing and, perhaps, Mineral Basin might open for the first time of the season.. That would be worth blowing off a day off in itself, but…. NO!   My knees need a break for a day.   See you Sunday, but rest assured I will get the low down for you and post, so stay tuned.   I’ll Be Blasting You!!!

4 Responses to “WHITE DIAMONDS”

  1. Tomdbomb says:

    Finally, finally after scrambling to do what it takes to deliver the goods, I have a chance to comment. Dave you rock. I also was (again) finally able to ski both yesterday and today. I cannot find anyone from the inside of operations who can remember a better opening to a Snowbird season. It is just wonderful for our operations to get off to this start.

  2. John from Jersey says:

    For those of us who wish we were there, that photo in full screen sure builds the anxiety!

  3. Hawaiian shirt Mark says:

    Good job dude!! Thanks for keeping us posted.. I will be there for a week on the 10th…I’ll be skiing witch ya then….You da Man…Derrigo

  4. Michael says:

    Really great photo. I always enjoy the blog especially while celebrating Thanksgiving in LA with family. Michael

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