12-12-10 by dave

It was 38 degrees in the parking lot as I parked for the day, with low clouds and the peak shrouded in dense clouds.  I thought it was going to begin raining, and that was a distinct possibility, but the first Tram offered 2” of high density cover over the hill that had a sumptuous feel, though the visibility was less than stellar.  Back to back Trams were happening, with light traffic after yesterdays attendance spike.  The upper Cirque was going off with smoothness wall to wall, maintaining that rare back country feel that is still holding strong as we move into the  holiday season.  Around Noon, the Sun began to peak through the cloud cover illuminating the field, and let the faithful dial in those neglected lines that remained obscured by the fog.   The Sun exposure, and unusually high temps. began to set up the product on the lower elevations, turning into the dreaded Harbor Chop. Tomorrow,  watch out for the crud to have frozen up on those lower elevations, and any shots that took some direct hits from the low angle rays.   The Groomers will offer the best consistency, but High North facing will still be good to go.  Baldy is getting back into shape after the slide took out Field of Glory, though care must be exercised on the traverse, where there are some scree reveals that are surprising and potentially damaging.  Mineral Basin will have been affected by the afternoon Sun, so chose your shots with that in mind.   I have been called by the DARK SIDE to attend a day of full downloads, where I will no doubt be hooked up to some scary looking machine that is sure to test my intestinal fortitude.  I will post a report using my many inside sources for an accurate account.  See  you Tuesday!!!   I know I promised a picture, but I bailed before the Sun came out in it’s full fury.   Next time.   Peace Out!!!

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