12-01-11 by dave

The wind pounded the Trailer all night long due to a very rare weather feature .   Wind velocities North of SLC were above hurricane force, blowing semis over on the 15 in Centerville, so I was not surprised to see the Tram was not going to run.  The chair  ride up was not as bad as one might think, as the East wind was blocked by the Cirque .  The trace of overnight precipitation made a huge difference in the quality of the main runs, with the wind keeping the surface smooth and continually buffed on each run.  Reports from the higher elevations indicated that Regulator had not been scoured clean, so that was good news.  The Forklift chair offered the best choice to wait and see if the Tram would get running, but it was not looking good, sending me down the hill after just 3 short runs.   Tomorrow, look for improved conditions after the small amount of precip..  Not much has changed from the past few days, but the FUN remains the same.    We will try again in the AM.  Peace Out!!  P.S.  Be aware of slick conditions in the lower Canyon as you come up in the morning.  It caught a number of folks, sending them off the road.   OOPS!!

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