12-02-11 by dave

With the lack of natural snow on the hill, the snow making has saved the day top to bottom.  The Cat crew is also down for some props,keeping the available runs carpet smooth and nicely consistent.  There was a light turn out this morning going into variable light.  The light on first Tram was so flat that I just had to trust the Grooming and hold the fall line.   The trust was well founded as I did not hit any strangeness on the steep section.  The Sun came up over the ridge after a couple of runs making Regulator just a fun zone, where the hard drivers were pouring on the coals and sizzling!!  I parked myself firmly on the right or left line leaving the middle open for traffic.  Tomorrow, look for much more traffic on the hill.  The quality of the main runs will continue to hold solidly and I think they will remain smooth all day despite the traffic.  Early Trams are best on these days, so get there early for the best of the day.   I am taking tomorrow off for R and R, let my legs rest up.  BE well all, think snow!!! Ciao!!!

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