11-30-11 by dave

It was a beautiful morning to start things out, with great Grooming, some new man made, and a small crew for the rock and roll laps.  The Sun came up over the ridge lighting Regulator up, enabling some full throttle runs due to the very consistent prepared surface.   I am finally feeling like I can let them run with more confidence.  The rocks are still a rarity and have been dealt with sternly.  As the front moved in toward Noon the temperature dropped as the clouds moved in, turning the lights out.  Back to back Trams were feeling just right with no waiting.  I love this part of the season where the momentum is not impinged upon with waiting for a bucket.    The traffic was much lighter this morning, with the tester crew gone from the charge on each run.  Still, a constant awareness of the uphill traffic is imperative for safe sliding.  A bit of freshness will help for tomorrow’s opening, though not much is expected, any natural accumulation will be much appreciated.  The firmness is still holding the smooth quality throughout the day despite the  traffic, so once you dial a line in it is good to go.  Look for variable visibility tomorrow, keeping in mind the terrain constraints,  so as not to venture off the main run into the thin sections just off the path.  A small amount of accumulation will not help mitigate the hazards.  I was thinking 30” would go a long way to mitigating the ride.  Lets all hold that idea for awhile and see what shakes out.  See you dark and early!!! IBBY!!

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