4-21-10 by dave

Wednesday morning was gloomy and foreboding with the forecast for weather moving in fast. The first Trams went off on time full of the PSIA participants toughing out the prospects.  The light early morning rain and warm over night temps. left the groomed runs already soft and carve-able.  The Cat Crew had done extensive tenderization efforts, in anticipation of crusty conditions, leaving very nice untracked corduroy for the morning session.  It reminded me of perfect corn in the back country, where you dance on the perfectly smooth consistency, all without the hiking.  Off trail was also quite soft, offering realistic carve-ability.   Nice!!  I jammed out 4 fast back to back runs with only 9 folks on the 3rd Tram of the day.  The PSIA  crew had, again, moved into Mineral Basin leaving the front of the hill vacant and totally good to go.  A curious cloud moved up the Canyon obscuring the visibility on the lower 1000′, though with the smooth groomers and sumptuous feel that did not present any problems at all.  The cloud moved through rapidly giving way to an impulse that brought snow to the upper elevations and heavy rain on the lower part of the hill.  I took the opportunity to check my Galactic Email in the Planetary Office during the soaking rain event.  I could not see myself continuing with the rain, so I called it macaroni and went back to the valley to chill for the day.  Later the weather really kicked in and I can not say what happened up on the hill, but you had to know that it was interesting at least.  Tomorrow will have some new snow to add to the mix, with the weather continuing to be unsettled, so anything can happen.  Be sure to be in the Tram line early as the PSIA group fills things up quickly.  See you there!!!  IBBY!!     P.S. a humorous summer pastime.
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