4-22-10 by dave

2 TO 4” of very nice snow covered the hill this Thursday morning, giving an interesting feel to the day.  The PSIA group was still on hand with very few faithful to partake of the new installment.  The Groomers were the best choice, with the off trail an expanse of frozen solid crud underneath the high density snow that did little to buffer the crunch underneath.  I ventured off trail a couple of times to sample the ride and beat a hasty retreat back to the groomed sections.  The limited groomed sections were skied out promptly sending me looking farther afield to get the remote groomed sections that were being passed up in the frenzy to consume the low hanging fruit.   That little bit of insight paid big dividends, letting me place spooned tracks one after another run after run.  Was I letting on, or telegraphing the goods?   I think not, but one can use their inner voice to surmise what I am saying here.  The Sun came out in force as the morning progressed, warming the cold air and beginning to work the product quickly.   Again, I took the opportunity to access the Planetary Office to savor the winning runs while the others continued the frenzy.    Tomorrow look for a bit more weather coming in.  Be careful of some of the large frozen chunks just off the side of the groomed runs.   For myself, I have been called back to attend the preliminary briefings and ready my Battle Star Cruiser for the imminent resumption of full interstellar combat in the ongoing DARK MATTER WAR.  I knew this day would come and I have been preparing my mind for the abrupt transition from the high country to the OTHER SIDE.  I will try to post an over view from THERE ,but it just will not be the same as the first hand reports.  I will do my best.   Peace Out from my rapid transition to the DARK SIDE!!

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  1. Bari Levine says:

    I will miss reading your daily first hand accounts on what matters most. We will think of you as you “pave paradise and put up a parking lot.” Do what you gotta do!

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