4-23-10 by dave

It was pouring hard here at the trailer as I readied myself for the quick JUMP to the flight line to “check out”  my trusty hyper-space vehicle, still cleverly disguised as a green pick up.  After a routine inspection and physical I was able to take her out for a test flight… I mean test drive…. to be sure all of the systems were good to go.  Through the magic of trans- dimensional distortion I found my self instantly back at the Trailer where I made a hasty push to get up the hill before the Breakfast Service was terminated at the Planetary Office.  That is one ritual I will sorely miss.  Thick, Thick, Thick, sloggy snow covered the parking lot as I made my way to the center.  This did not bode well for the day, and my knees were telling me to reconsider.  After getting a heaping helping of “Power Spuds”, I received intel from some of my deep cover sources, who advised me to await another day as the ultra dense snow, very limited visibility, and dubious off trail consistency did not seem worth the risk of injury.  So, with resignation, but great hope for a better day tomorrow, I returned to begin the efforts of getting the Trailer ready to go back up to the high desert for my solitary sojourn. Tomorrow look for the Groomers to have put the best face on the hill with the available material, which should have a very forgiving feel, what with the new snow.  Off trail will still be a touch problematic for my knees, though perhaps not for yours.  You be the judge of that.  A few more days have been granted me before I make the JUMP to hyper- space, so, happily, I will be there to participate with you all.  See you then!!! IBBY!!!

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