4-24-10 by dave

What a difference a day makes, with yesterday bringing the new snow and this morning bringing the Sun to make it all good once again.  The Grooming crew had done a beautiful job buffing out the runs, that sported firm but velvety corduroy top to bottom.   The cold morning temps. helped resist the heating of the Sun, keeping the goods good well after Noon, when the Radiant heat began to soften the snow pack.  Mineral basin, having been closed yesterday, provided some very nice wind blown smooth sections that did not reflect too much of the bottom crunch.  That was a bonus for the early morning crew that enjoyed low traffic and wide open slopes.  The front of the hill offered a bit more challenging off trail for the intrepid seeker, with the High North facing still holding the smoothest completion.  The traverses and entrances are still really full, with minimal melt off, so all of the great drops are still quite accessible, though a good eye toward aspect is advised as the day progresses.  Tomorrow look for the softening of today to have created some significant crustulation on the most direct exposures, and watchfulness for frozen roller balls should be a top priority as impact with one of those could be a bad thing .  The Groomers will be the best bet, with Mineral Basin going off first thing, Peruvian Gulch not a bad choice first off, but Regulator should be avoided until a bit of softening occurs.  Follow the sun for best results and the general window has the break occurring after 11:00 AM.  Some of the lower aspects will take a bit longer due to the advanced softening of today.  Look for some tenderizing efforts to have been done for the morning session, so good skiing will be available for the early risers.  I’ ll see you there dark and early.   Ciao!!

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  1. Glen says:

    Thanks…looking for some tips for some freestylers visiting from Idaho till Mon…any good lips fir a 720 ? Renee

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