4-25-10 by dave

Sunday morning was quite cold with 20 Degrees on the peak and a stiff North wind moving some of the light dust that had fallen overnight leaving the grooves in the corduroy filled in.  No doubt that the groomers were firm, but that little bit of dusting provided just enough purchase to make the morning session a blast.  Mineral Basin was holding off from the softening process until the Sun had a chance to get burn through the cold air, but the softness broke there first around 10:00AM.   12:30 PM saw the lower mountain begin to soften up as the Sun moved higher in the sky.  Regulator was the last to soften, being extremely slick for the entire morning.  The late afternoon Sun had softened the off trail enough to allow lines to be had in the crud.  The wind never did back off, though it did not stop the overall softening process.  Tomorrow look for very firm and crispy groomers in the Am. so a late arrival would be a good bet.  Very low traffic will give the hill  a private club feel for the early risers, but I do not anticipate much in the way of tenderization, so the morning session will be a challenge for sure.  Mineral Basin will be the first area to go off making that area the first place to look if you are doing the early Trams.  I will be there to see just how firm it will be and just how dull my edges are.  See you then.  Peace Out!!

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